Supplying world class quality CNC turned parts.  Increasing your business Accuracy.  Since last 15 years of practical experienced.  Superior skilled staff and great team works.  Problem solving techniques.  Always focus on customer's satisfaction.  Prompt quality service.  4000 square feet shop floor.  Continuous Growth is our mantra !!!
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Company Overview

We Provide Customised Process to Achieve the desired specialisation in production of parts. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction which helps us to be the leader amongst other suppliers.

We are in the field of Machined and turned components ranging from various kinds of shafts, pins, washers, spacer, collars, plates, bushes, blocks and any customized components as per customer requirements. Our Machining capacity ranges from 4 mm to 300 mm and 2 mm to 800 mm long. We are quite conversant with machining raw material from Stainless Steels, M.S., En Series, Alloy steel, Brass, Copper and Aluminium.

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Our Products

  • Stainless Steel Turned Parts

    We like to work with the material in stainless steel grade. we produced high precision machine parts in all the grades for stainless steel like 303 304,316. While machining this products we keep keen attention over deburring and specified tolerances.

  • Mild Steel Turned Parts

    We are specialized in manufacturing of Mild Steel Parts in designs. We have strong command in machining of this material as well as its variant grade like En series. While machining we keep our specified tolerance to achieve the final size easily.

  • Aluminium Turned Parts

    We have developed the unique machining process for this range of material. Mostly this range is required in Lighting Industries and Architectural interior/ exterior products. We give an attractive look for these parts after plating / anodizing.

  • Brass Turned Parts

    We mostly supply this product to Gas Industry, Chemical Industry, Air Pneumatic works, Electrical / Cable works and Fluid Industries. We also manufacture brass fittings for hardware products and no bar for material grade.

  • Copper Turned Parts

    These are mostly in different nozzles, guns, jet, plasma manufacturing. we are familier with all copper electrode grade materials.These are useful in gas, plasma industries, nozzles. Mostly applicable in high heat desipation area.

  • Polymer Turns Parts

    Teflon & Delrin parts are easy for machining but difficult to achieve dimensional accuracy due to deformation and high shrinkage property. So before machining you must know about the shrinkage ratio. Polymer turned parts are useful in printer industries, electric, oven industries & automobile industries.

  • Customize Turned Parts

    These are the parts which we will develop on the request of our customer's requirements. It might be any kind of assembly or sub part which will useful in any industries. It might be something challenging that the customer is facing the problems with his existing vendors and he wants that to appoint us considering our working strength & continuous quality output.

  • Precision Turned Parts / Components

    We are one of the leading manufacturer for Precision Turned Parts and Precision Turned Components. By using Precision Machine and Precision Measuring Instruments, the prices are very competitive than other manufacturers in India.

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